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True love | souvenirtrade.ru //souvenirtrade.ru/kichdam/2019/12/10/true-love/ //souvenirtrade.ru/kichdam/2019/12/10/true-love/#respond Tue, 10 Dec 2019 03:38:49 +0000 //souvenirtrade.ru/kichdam/?p=16571 WOW!!!! Nico is incredibly desirable both as a person and personality, let alone being a dream boat bottom. I’d be willing to run my fingers through his curly mop hair forever. Chemistry is loving and in the stratosphere. Dialog is REAL and hot and shows desire, passion and love. The fucking action mirrors the passion and is very intense. Both Twink/Studs are super hot. Troy is a great top, gets his loving. Great pairing. Great intimate filming and direction.

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I love your underwear | souvenirtrade.ru //souvenirtrade.ru/kichdam/2019/12/10/i-love-your-underwear/ //souvenirtrade.ru/kichdam/2019/12/10/i-love-your-underwear/#respond Tue, 10 Dec 2019 03:35:33 +0000 //souvenirtrade.ru/kichdam/?p=16568 OMG, modelling that underwear? Hot as hell! EVERY one highlighted very kissable, fondle-able ass cheeks. And then the fucking between the two twinks was also very watchable and enjoyable.

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The taste of the sea | souvenirtrade.ru //souvenirtrade.ru/kichdam/2019/12/10/the-taste-of-the-sea/ //souvenirtrade.ru/kichdam/2019/12/10/the-taste-of-the-sea/#respond Tue, 10 Dec 2019 03:11:06 +0000 //souvenirtrade.ru/kichdam/?p=16564 I think this is the best interracial sex video I’ve ever seen.

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Best friends camp out and end up fucking a lot | souvenirtrade.ru //souvenirtrade.ru/kichdam/2019/12/10/best-friends-camp-out-and-end-up-fucking-a-lot/ //souvenirtrade.ru/kichdam/2019/12/10/best-friends-camp-out-and-end-up-fucking-a-lot/#respond Tue, 10 Dec 2019 03:08:10 +0000 //souvenirtrade.ru/kichdam/?p=16562 Love it! Apathetic brother is jolted and scared into animation. And willingly participated in brother BONDING! And the ultimate intimate question/request: Will you fuck me! Hot scene. almost loving brothers. Are you glad you came camping?

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The jewel of Romania | souvenirtrade.ru //souvenirtrade.ru/kichdam/2019/12/10/the-jewel-of-romania/ //souvenirtrade.ru/kichdam/2019/12/10/the-jewel-of-romania/#respond Tue, 10 Dec 2019 03:04:29 +0000 //souvenirtrade.ru/kichdam/?p=16560 That bath tub, MADE to exhibit whatever body you want to show off! And Jared has a beautiful toned body. And he doesn’t mind being spied on! He rewards his voyeur friend (room mate?), Tommy, with sizzling sex/fucking/bottoming! Now that’s friendship.

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Waiting For You | souvenirtrade.ru //souvenirtrade.ru/kichdam/2019/12/10/waiting-for-you/ //souvenirtrade.ru/kichdam/2019/12/10/waiting-for-you/#respond Tue, 10 Dec 2019 02:41:53 +0000 //souvenirtrade.ru/kichdam/?p=16558 OMG, if that twink was waiting for mmmeee? I’d fly into this apartment and make LOOOVE! I want to interpret this scene as a kept houseboy and sugar daddy. And this boy is really adept at making his daddy happy. I wanted daddy to make very active love to the boy, more than just staying a passive body with a hard cock. At least the son looked like he was very into and enjoying his role.

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The seducer | souvenirtrade.ru //souvenirtrade.ru/kichdam/2019/12/10/the-seducer/ //souvenirtrade.ru/kichdam/2019/12/10/the-seducer/#respond Tue, 10 Dec 2019 01:14:29 +0000 //souvenirtrade.ru/kichdam/?p=16566 OMG! what a come on! when your gorgeous twink/son room mate/lover comes swarming over that wide expanse of table into your lips and arms. BREAKFAST is SERVED! What a super hot loving strip and suck…..

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